Happy Valentine's Day

Fingerprint Door Access

Repairing Autogate

Happy Chao Goh Meh

Autogate Open with Auspicious

Unnoticed Protection


Closed from 24-29 Jan 2020

FAAC 415L Autogate Arm

CCTV : color even at night

Wireless Door Lock

Wireless Door Lock

Pelindungan yang penting

Autogate more Safety & Reliable

Autogate key release with fully lock

Autogate High Speed (Swing/Folding)

CCTV App Fast & Smooth

Door Lock System for Small Gate

Check your Old Gate

Double Lock Autogate

Autogate very Loud ?

Autogate Trackless Folding Gate

CCTV with Mic & Speaker

How far does a Remote Work

Diary 2020

3 step easy

Crane vs Gate

DEA Italy Motor

Repairing Wall Crack

wireless CCTV - NVR


Brighten up your Home

Folding gate very loud ?

TheSecret to Happiness

Nobody at Home ?

High Speed Autogate Sliding Motor

Always forgot close the Autogate ?

Panic Alarm via Remote

Cctv nightview coloful

Sliding Motor not Moving ?

For Family safety, pls watch…

Autogate Charity Rm50

Lizatd vs Autogate

『 祝你中秋节快乐!』

Who am I ?

Powerful of heavy duty Motor

What is the burglary most hate ?

How to choose BEST CCTV

crime when gate open

Park you car inside better

Light Detect Sensor

Wireless Intercom (long range)

CCTV camera auto turn On light when dark

water resistant keypad

To more Secure your Home

adjust remote frequency

checking sliding gate motor

How to make my autogate more lasting

WDR camera brightness balance

Pls close your Gate & Door all the time

Double leaf Telescopic Sliding Motor

Adjust timing for Autogate System

Auto Tracking 360 WiFi Vamera

Fully wireless CAMERA (FULL HD)

Autogate Alarm CCTV DoorAccess

Smart Home Wireless Alarm

House Gate = Autogate

All your houses autogate set to 1 remote.

kocom intercom

How to prevent lightning strike - Autogate

Diy repair remote autogate

Mengapa Autogate jalan slow ?

Test your House Alarm before Balik Kampung

Sihat & Gembira kepada semua

bringing Secure and Convenience to your Life

Autogate mahal ? Selalu Rosak ?

No worry when go Holiday

how to reset autogate ?

Salam Nurul Quran

Happy Vesak Day 2019

You gate sometime can't Open fully, try this :

Jom! This Raya bringing Safety & Convenient to your Loved Ones

Raya Coming, Keep your Home and Family Safe


Awesome Idea Open Sesame

Holiday coming, Prevent Crime as We Can !

Prevent CRIME with Technology

Phone notify when something Happen !

CCTV App : Stable, Fast & Easy Backup

FingerPrint Time Attendance App Notification

Cctv Light Balance

cctv perimeter notification

Demo of CCTV Wide Angle & Low Light Camera

smart cctv with alarm

cctv optical zoom control angle

Wireless Lock (smart bluetooth)

cctv auto backup Google drive

Autogate - burglary

Wireless Door Lock System

video intercom handphone control

benefits of install Autogate

We will open as usual on 11 Feb 2019

app control autogate alarm cctv

Security alarm fog generator

cctv face detection

Autogate supply & install

Autogate Supply & Install

Autogate Wireless CCTV Security Alarm Door Access

Sliding Autogate System

Heavy Duty Swing Arm System

The One Control - Malaysia


Auto Gate Energy - Introduce

Valtronic - manufacture of Auto Gate

Heavy Duty Arm

Wireless Indoor Button

2016 new manufactory

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