Vivos Alarm phone control

Nobody at home ~ Alarm trigger ¡­. Nevermind you can control by your phone now, #CLEAR & #EASY . A lot of case House Alarm trigger but nobody, you neighborhood sure not happy la.. Bising bising But now it won't happen to you, cause when Alarm trigger it will call your phone, and you can control it. If you choose high quality sensor actually it seldom bising bising¡­ like give a false alarm. We know which 1 is good for you, cause we want giving you More #VALUE. #Tips When alarm trigger, we advise your turn it Off and On it again, if it trigger again then you better view your live CCTV with your phone, see what happening at your home.

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Light Detect Sensor

To more Secure your Home

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Holiday coming, Prevent Crime as We Can !

app control autogate alarm cctv

Security alarm fog generator

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