Sliding gate noisy

Why is my Autogate so noisy If your gate same as this ? No worries, we have a BEST solution for you. Just click the WhatsApp link below and tell us more about your cases. Mr Fong O12-2053763 #wheelBearing #Sliding

Autogate sliding noisy

Why is my Autogate so noisy If your gate same as this, we have a solution for you. Just click the WhatsApp link below and tell us more about your cases. Mr Fong O12-2053763 #wheelBearing #Sliding

Autogate Folding's Wheel comparison

Hmmm... Did you know why Folding Gates always giving problems Want to know more about Folding Gate System, WhatsApp us, click the link below : Mr. Fong 012-2053763

Hey Google control Autogate

. . .Great New ! ! ! Reach home just said Open Sesame ... Now Voice Control can Open Close your Autogate using our latest Technology add on wifi controller link Hey Google ! More info :

Foldable Gate

Just thinking is that possible make this manual folable gate to autogate ? Comments below if you have a Ideal... #Foldable #Gate #Manual

Wall crack by Autogate ?

Come... Today we show your tofu inside the wall Pls subscribe our YouTube channels for more Update Video :

Eagle mindset

You know why i admire Old EAGLE ? When eargle age reach 40, his beak (yellow hook mouth) will over bent until block his mount, so eagle have to hit a rock to remove his beak by his own , spend a few month can't eat , until the new beak grown out again ! Not only this, all his nail also need to remove and grown again. So that right we hard to see old eargle, cause not all eargle manage to do that ! Only the strong mind set senior Eargle can survive until 70 year old ! Same as marketplace, now 2021 all using online, If we want to Growing, we must have a #COURAGE on try a new things, and find out a #CHARACTERISTIC in our Team , Creating a Self Branding… the journey is not easy, we must keep #PERSIST... ~Mr Fong #胆量 #特质 #坚持

Siap before Raya

Alamat ! Esok mau raya, Autogate tiba2 rosak, cari banyak tempat tapi lepas raya baru senang… online search Mr Fong Cepat + bagus, cuba whatsapp Mr Fong… Alhamdulillah ! Team dia betul cepat mari dan ganti set baru , even tempat saya jauh. Set baru ini lagi powerful lagi cepat buka tutup… Jom ! Cepatlah simpan Mr Fong whatsapp no 0122053764 , Autogate ada apa2 rosak tak perlu cari sini cari sana lagi... Ini lah Autogate Arm System baru tukar tadi, Mr Fong edit sikit video jadi Raya Mood Ribuan terima kasih to Mr Fong & Team Stay Safe & Healthy

Overtime as Promise

8:30pm , My team just finish the job, today OT, cause heavy rain this evening… Grateful to my expertise team Jacky and wonderful customer En. MOHD. We always keep the PROMISE. AUTOGATE MODEL DEA ARM SYSTEM : #STING Very very POWERFUL and LASTING… Gee !

Wifi Controller

Only use 1 app can control your Autogate, Door Access, Light and macam macam pun… WhatsApp us for more detail : Mr Fong 012-2053763

Manual Gate

Every single day Spend how many sec to close your gate ?

Products All Same ?

Hello... IT'S ALL SAME ? Did you try before go to same restaurant order same fried rice as usual, but even same ingredients but differ chef cook have a differ taste right ? Same as our product too, we are not same ingredients, and if same ingredients also but we have a expert chef installation team, I know installation look easy but our chef installation have a skill and fomula can install until #MoreLasting ! Even competitors can copy us, but everyone have a unique heart, we can't steal a heart from others, we only can follow your own hearts.

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Burglary again ?



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